Investor Resources

It is our belief that real estate investment is an important part of an overall financial investment strategy.  The addition of real estate to your investment strategy is a key form of diversification and protection to your overall investments.  There are may types of real estate investment and we truly believe there is something for everyone.  At Pelletier Properties we have years of experience in not only helping our clients identify the proper investments and also hands on experience with our own investments allowing us to share our own lessons learned and set you up for success.


Short Term Investments

We know you have all probably watched the a show with the word “Flip” somewhere in the title.  “Flipping” real estate (buying, renovating, and selling) can be a great opportunity for the person with the right resources.  The reality is very few flips are like what you see on television and not all dilapidated properties are a good fit.  Typically these opportunities require large amounts of working capital as many will not easily qualify for financing.  Many investors focus on buying foreclosures or bank own properties which typically are in need of work and can be obtained below market value.  The reality is foreclosures are not always the best investment and only focusing on foreclosures can lead an investor to miss out on potentially better opportunities that may be available.  We focus on helping our investors identify the right property in the right location at the right price to maximize every investment.


Longer Term Investments  

Rental properties are a longer term real estate investment.  The right rental property will generate income while also appreciating in value for long term financial gain.  The key to these investments is an accurate analysis of potential income vs potential expenses.  Many people have heard stories that scare them away from the idea of being a landlord.  The reality is hiring an experienced property manager can be an invaluable resource and can make the right long term investment obtainable for any investor.  Typically these investments can be financed and usually require a down payment between 20-25%.  Other factors to consider include commercial vs residential, whether the property should be held in an LLC, market rent, and vacancy rates in the area.  Obviously are a large number of factors to consider when identifying the right rental property and we at Pelletier Properties can help find the right property for any investor.