4 Questions with Worcester Business Journal 40 Under 40 Honoree Nicholas Pelletier

We sat down with the President of Team Pelletier Properties, Nick Pelletier, after his big Worcester Business Journal "40 Under 40" recognition honor, and asked him FOUR fabulously fun questions. Here they are:

1. Can you tell people a little bit about what "40 Under 40" is and what it represents?

I could definitely do that, but I think it might be a better description and more appropriate, for me to let the editor of Worcester Business Journal, Brad Kane, explain. So, here are his words, directly from the magazine:

"Central Massachusetts has laid the groundwork for a cultural revolution to flourish. With this year's WBJ 40 Under Forty, you see the people who could turn the cultural renaissance from a well-started idea to a full-blown reality. Not only are these up-and-coming professionals dedicated to improving their business, they are putting forth their talents to help the community flourish. Through their day to day efforts, they make their companies better, which makes the Greater Worcester economy better. That is how you create a true renaissance. " - Brad Kane, editor WBJ

2. What was your reaction to being chosen for Worcester Business Journals "40 Under 40?"

Truly unexpected! There are so many people doing so many amazing things in our area, it's hard to think how they could pick just 40 and to be in that 40 is even more surprising. Of course we have worked hard to make Pelletier Properties a business I and my team are really proud of and it's an honor to see other people agree. Since the article went live the amount of clients, family and friends who have reached out with congratulations is really overwhelming. In some ways it is funny because they are really all part of what we have created because their business and referrals have made us who we are.

3. Talk about the photo shoot for the magazines 40 Under 40 edition, how the weather played into things, and how you found out you'd be on the cover:

Remember that day where our phones were going off every minute with flash flood warnings and the skies would just open up with torrential downpours? Well, that was the day of our photo shoot. We thought we were going to get it in, and as we walked out onto the street for the first photo, the downpour started almost without warning. We grabbed umbrellas and ran under the over-hang but it was too late - we were soaked. In some ways, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Where there is adversity, you just find triumph, and I think we were even more motivated to get a great shot. They had split us up into teams and we each shot at different unique locations. My team is awesome and truly are some new great friends and I am glad to share the cover with them.

4. What sort of things do you hope to accomplish with Pelletier Properties by the time you turn 40?

40 seems so far away and of course it will come fast because time flies when you are having fun. Over the next few years we will be rolling out quite a bit of technology that should change the real estate game. Keller-Williams is working hard to provide us with what we need to truly take our business to the next level and we plan to embrace it 100%. We will continue to grow and while last year we celebrated our 100th transaction/person helped, I hope to celebrate our 1000th before the age of 40! That's a goal I can be excited about.

Excellent! Thank you Nick! Check out the fun pics below from the WBJ photo shoot and cover, as well as the links to the related articles. Congratulations once again to Nicholas Pelletier, and Pelletier Properties!

(Above: cover shot with Nick Pelletier, Erica Grinkis, Allison Beckler, and Ryan Matson)

(Above: The photo shoot didnt go exactly as planned, when the skies opened up and the honorees found themselves in a gigantic downpour)

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