Getting to Know You: Exclusive Interview with Buyer's Agent Dan Reiser

About a month or so ago, my mom and myself attended a seminar/class held by Nick Pelletier and Mark Kavanaugh through Keller-Williams, about becoming a licensed Real-Estate Agent. Dan Reiser was also in attendance that evening, and now, just a short time later, he has passed the Massachusetts Real Estate license Test, and is on his way with this new career path. What better time to find out more about our latest Team Member, than during a huge snowstorm in New England? I called up Dan during said huge storm today. Here is my exclusive conversation, with Pelletier Properties Team Member, and Realtor, Dan Reiser:

So tell me a bit about you and your background?

Sure. So I grew up on Long Island, in Sag Harbor. Its way out by the beach, so it was beach type life in the summers, and then snowboarding and skiing in the winters. After I graduated college in 2011, I ended up finding a great teaching job out here in Massachusetts, for Skyview Middle School in Leominster. So I pretty much packed up a U-Haul, found an apartment, and made the move up.

Wow, thats really cool. Do you like your job teaching Phys Ed?

Oh yeah. I love it. Its the best job in the world.

And what do you think of Massachusetts?

Well clearly the snowstorms here are way more brutal than in New York. (both laugh) I love it here, but yeah, it was a bit of an adjustment going from the tip of Long Island, beach everywhere - to here, where the closest beach is about 90 minutes away. Other than that though, I like it here.

I have the parallel opposite of your situation. I grew up here in Massachusetts, in Groton - and then moved to Long Island to attend college at Adelphi in Garden City. Lived in NYC area for almost 26 years, then moved back here last year. So, that being said, something we both deal with, Im guessing, is this all-important question: Where do your sports loyalties lie? Boston or NY?

(laughs) Well, for baseball, I grew up hating the Yankees, so Im definitely a Red Sox fan. But then for football, Im a Greenbay Packers fan. My dad was always a big fan, and followed them, so it stuck ...

Very nice. Tell me about your family.

My wife and I will be married 3 years in June. We have two pets; a dog and a cat. The dog is Lucy. The cat is Lily. We found her on the streets and took her in.

Aww. Is she loveable?

Yeah. She will start knocking stuff off the table, as cats do; and then come over and scratch your back or cuddle.

Thats adorable. How did you meet your wife?

Its kind of funny. So, the Middle School I teach at, her mom is one of my colleagues. She's the Art Teacher there, and she invited me over for Thanksgiving Dinner one year, and I met my wife.

Wow. Was it a set up, do you think?

Oh, my mother-in-law will defintely take all the credit for us getting together and getting married. (laughs)

So how did you get into Real Estate, and get involved with Pelletier Properties?

So, Ive always had a passion for Real-Estate, and houses, especially older homes fascinate me a lot. My mom still holds a Realtor license in NY, though she doesnt really practice it much anymore. So it was always around. So then a couple years ago, my wife and I were looking to sell our house and move into a new one. Nick and my wife went to the same high school, so they knew each other a bit, so she contacted him about helping us find a home.

And let me guess; Nick started saying how you should do this for a living and you'd be great at it, right?

(laughing) Yeah, pretty much.... Once the transaction went through, he hinted around at it a few times, we started talking. We moved into our new home in Leominster in June, and I just passed my Real Estate exam on Saturday!

Congrats! Every single person Ive interviewed for this blog, who is now on the Pelletier Properties Team, was either a past client of his , or knew him , and he somehow talks them into doing Real Estate. Hell, even Im getting my license sometime this year. I always joke with him that he is running some kind of cult ...

Yup. And we're all just drinking the Kool-Aid.

Exactly. So what excites you about being a Realtor?

A few things. Finding someone a place to live for the rest of their lives, hopefully. Being a part of that. Checking out houses. It's really fun. Im the type of person who doesnt like sitting still, so as a Phys Ed teacher, I have my summers off, which is great for doing this. Its a great way to have a second income, make some extra money during summers and winter breaks, then teach and do my coaching for JV soccer and JV baseball in the spring and fall.

Sounds like a great variety, year-round. Heres a few fun questions. Whats your favorite movie?

Hmmm, anything with Kevin Costner in it. I love him. So, Field of Dreams, For the Love of the Game, Bull Durham.

He did a lot of baseball movies, huh?

Yup. He even did another one called Mr. Brooks, it was the only one I wasnt really a huge fan of. But usually, I like everything he does.

Favorite guilty-pleasure TV Show, and favorite snack while watching it?

Im gonna go with Summer House. Its this show on BRAVO, and it's about these tourists, from the city, like NYC, who rent these summer homes on Long Island. I love it because it takes place where I grew up and around that area, and its just this really great, trashy, reality TV show.

That sounds awesome. And you are eating what as you watch this TV trash?

Im not really a big snack person, so maybe Mac and cheese... oh, wait, my wife just reminded me. Pierogies!

Name one famous person, dead or alive, youd love to sit and have dinner with?

Kevin Costner!!!

Right. Of course. Dream vacation, or few days off, if money was of no concern?

Well Im part Irish, so Ive always wanted to go to Ireland.

I bet its gorgeous there. One last question. Where do you see yourself, or what are your goals, for the next few years?

I have a couple of them. First, Id love to be able to pay off my student loans completely. Id love to have flipped some houses by then, and then, eventually; be in the position to own some property / homes maybe in Southern New Hampshire or Vermont.

Those are good goals. I hope this wasnt too painful, and perhaps we will see each other more, when Im officially licensed and also part of the cult! Pelletier Properties - Drink the Kool-Aid!

Ha ha! Thank you Kelley. Enjoy the snow.

You too!

We hope you enjoyed thi exclusive “getting to know you” interview with Team Member Dan Reiser.

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