Pelletier Properties Hosts Three St. Bernard’s Interns

“I’ve been a long time advocate for incorporating real world experience into the St. Bernard’s High School curriculum. It was exciting to see it become a reality this year! It was interesting to see how each intern took something different out of the experience. We look forward to continuing this as another way we can give back to our community.”

For one week in May, three students; Eric Peralta, Aaron Boucher, and Chris Sontag; tagged along with members of Team Pelletier Properties, observing and taking part in many different aspects of the real-estate field. They attended meetings, open-houses, on-going projects in the community, and saw what the office environment was like at Keller-Williams North Central. Intern /student Chris Sontag was kind enough to take on “3 Questions About Your Week in Real-Estate”, and here are his responses below. Thanks Chris!

1. After spending a week in Real Estate, was there anything that surprised you or stood out to you about this field of work?

I was honestly very surprised with how casual and laid back the environment was in the office, and also how much traveling you do as an agent. I thought that the office would be pretty formal and that the agents would be sitting at cubicles from 9-5. It was actually a very comforting place with being able to wear comfortable clothing, a really nice kitchen/break room area, and the fact that you can come into the office to work whenever you want. Not being governed with strict hours was probably the most surprising thing to me.

2. What was your favorite moment or experience that you took part in or observed during your internship?

My favorite experience of the internship was when we checked out the Blossom Street project that Pelletier Properties is spearheading. I was amazed by how nice the apartments were and the story of the project being abandoned many years ago and then the Pelletier Properties team reviving it was incredible. I really appreciate what they are doing with that project.

3. Do you see this as a possible avenue for your future? If not, tell us some of your areas of interest for future career opportunities!

As a career, I dont think I see myself pursuing real estate, as being an agent requires a lot of social skills and communication with customers and I believe that I somewhat lack in that area. What I did find out about myself through this internship was that I did particularly enjoy the marketing area of real estate and with that, my path for the future is a little more clear. Currently and for a long time, I have wanted to go into the area of graphic design to eventually pursue my dream of owning my own print shop. Finding that I enjoy marketing is perfect for these hopes and it has solidified my ideas for my future.