Pelletier Properties Says Thank You with Third Annual Pie Day

The first time our team did "Pie Day", where we partner with our friends at Central Cup in Leominster to offer up a free, homemade pie for Thanksgiving to say thank you to our awesome clients, we went full-on delivery style; packing up over 100 pies in our trucks and cars and then driving them to our clients homes, one by one!

Although we had a blast doing that, in the end, we decided that fighting with Thanksgiving week traffic and making multiple drives to various locations throughout Mass and NH, was perhaps a bit of an over-reach.

(ABOVE: Kelley, Nick, and Josh making deliveries during our teams first-ever "Pie Day" 3 years ago)

So last year, we came up with the perfect plan. We hosted two "Happy Hour" type-evenings where clients could come, hang out with our team, have some drinks and appetizers, watch the Patriots game, and leave with their homemade pies.

We had an absolute blast hanging out with friends of Pelletier Properties at both of our hosting locations: The Gazbar in Leominster, and The Apex in Marlborough. Fun was had by all, and we hoped to do something similar this year for our Pie Event.

(ABOVE: Team Photo at APEX for Pie Day, 2019)

Then 2020 happened. Pandemic happened. We had to figure out a way to do it differently, and safely. And so, as our team often does, we came up with a new plan. We would host our Pie Day at the Keller-Williams Leominster office, in the large training room area, where we would be there waiting with masks on, on the Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, to greet our friends as they stopped by to chat with us and pick up their pies.

Enter pandemic again. Covid cases started rising, and, out of an abundance of caution, our Keller-Williams offices made the executive decision to close; as in; our event could no longer happen inside the office.

So now what???

Now we get creative. Now we go all Christmas Vacation and Breaking Bad style, with our very own R.V., filled with pies, and parked in the parking lot of the Keller-Williams offices. Hey, we cant have clients inside the office, but we can certainly set up outside the office, right? Sure! So that is what we did!

And guess what? Despite the weather being absolutely freezing cold and even pouring rain during the first part of Day One, we had our most successful Pie Day to date!!! It was incredible having a chance to chat with our clients; whether it was leaning into their cars as they drove up, or standing outside in the cold for a few minutes with them. Our team loves our clients, and we appreciate you and want to give our thanks to you, so we will always find a way to do that. Our hope is that next year at this time, we can all gather again for a traditional, fun version of "Pie Day". But, until then, please stay safe everyone, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Please enjoy the picture gallery below of this week's Pie Day Event. Thanks again to our friend / owner at Central Cup Erica Grinkis, for the scrumptious apple and pumpkin pies, and to our Director of Operations Annie Reiser's family members Shelly Barry and Uncle Dominic Perla, for letting us borrow their awesome R.V., and helping us set it up!

(ABOVE: Sign at entrance into Keller-Williams parking lot and building at 670 Mechanic Street, Leominster)

(ABOVE: the pie boxes, before and after being loaded into the R.V. for "housing" )

(ABOVE: table set-up, and evidence of the deliciousness)

(ABOVE: Standing, sitting, WINE ... )

(ABOVE: Josh works on a deal from the parking lot, Kelley dreams of eating all the apple pies, Annie and Chris ponder the meaning of life while awaiting more pie pick-ups)

(ABOVE: short visits with just some of our amazing clients who braved the weather conditions to get their pies)

(ABOVE: Give us a referral, we'll give you some whipped cream! Dan has a Reddi-Whip party of one!)

(ABOVE: The sun starts to set on our event on day one. The second night of our Pie Day Event has ended, and only three remain. I think they need some sleep. )

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