Pelletier Properties Welcomes Back Christine Niemi with Social Distance Parade


A few weeks ago, our team was saddened to learn that our very own team member, Christine Niemi, along with her husband David Niemi, had both tested positive for COVID-19. Though both had been practicing social-distancing and protocols, they unfortunately came into contact with someone else who unknowingly had tested positive, and picked it up from there.

(Above: Chris gets surprised by our drive-by parade!)

Dave and Chris both did stays in the hospital - Dave for a couple of days, and Chris for six days in total. Things got a little bit concerning for awhile there, and our team kept the faith that all would be okay and that they would both be on the mend soon.

We got our wish a couple weeks back, when Chris returned home to continue her recovery, followed by Dave also returning home after his brief hospital stay.

(Above: the parade of cars approaches with beeping horns, balloons, and plenty of welcoming words shouted from car windows!)

During her stay-at-home quarantine, the team decided it would be a great idea to do a "Drive-by" Parade, and help lift up our Buyer Agent's spirits!

(Above: Nick Pelletier stops and talks to Chris, followed by Keller-Williams North Central Team Leader Mark Kavanaugh. Below. )

We were so thrilled to beep our horns, stream our confetti, and give a social-distance drive-by "Welcome Home" to Christine, who was looking better than ever upon her return  from the hospital.

(Below: Dan and Annie Reiser show their love for Chris with some smiles, and words of good healing. Chris randomly comments on the beautiful whiteness of Dan's teeth.

Above: Ken Ferris and Chris share a laugh and a nice exchange.)

Cheers, Chris! It was great to see you, and we look so forward to being able to see more of each other in person sometime very soon!

(Josh Mello could not attend, and Kelley Lynn Niemi took these pictures, so she is not IN them. Stay safe, everyone.)