"Real Estate Round Table" Welcomes The Groton Channel's Noah Paulajka

"Real Estate Round Table with Pelletier Properties" is our monthly cable-access TV show; featuring interesting locals who run businesses, have some connection to our team, and who are doing all-around exciting things! Our show is produced and aired on The Groton Channel and all affiliates/check local listings. We also post our monthly show on all our social media platforms, in our monthly newsletter, and right here on our website. If you think you would make a good guest on our show, please contact our host, Kelley Lynn, at her email: kelley.niemi@kw.com .

In this months episode of our show, host Kelley Lynn chats with the man who makes the recording and editing of our show possible - literally! Noah Paulajka is the Production Technician at The Groton Channel, and we thought it would be fun to bring him out from behind the camera/ scenes and give him and The Groton Channel all of the spotlight in March! Noah is a graduate of Fitchburg State University, where he majored in Communications Media, with a concentration in film. In this episode, Kelley and Noah tackle the ins and outs of Tv/film-making, what's to love about the town of Groton, exciting happenings at The Groton Channel, and our complicated and strong feelings on whether or not cereal qualifies as soup.

Check out this awesome episode here: